Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My summer dream trip

Leave Davis between July 1 and 5.


Drive through desert.
Arrive casa del Fargus two days later.
Hang out in Taos for a few days. Drink all of Fargus' wine, and get blisters from guitar music.
Drive east to Rancho Jet-Poop.
Read all of Jet-Poop's comic books.


Drive east, Tennessee? Visit town, where I was born...
Skyline Drive
Visit czeano's parents in Sparta.
Chapel Hill, visit Don and Monty.
Alexandria, chez Good/Estrada residence.
Be terrified of large guns.
Eat custard with Liz of Del Ray custard shop fame. try to determine if I bounced a check 6 years ago.
Wine and dine the HONS.
Visit dr. doyle. Drink melomel and cider. Have pagan ritual.


Manhattan? New haus of infinite monkeys with jongleur and FAB.
Drink Serendipity scotch with The Custodian!
Endycott. Tiffanys. Also Aunt Dot and Uncle Daivid.


Toronto - wine and dine eh2, we owe them one.


ONTARIO. Anyone who doesn't mind mosquitoes in the north woods is welcome to visit, although I have to pick the time. DON'T come during the family reunion, it's a full house and then some.
Leave Ontario.

Visit Maline and George in Leadville, Wisconsin.
grundy goes shopping with maline, wertperch does guy stuff with george.
Various and sundry Michigan noders, including some grand high [clampe|muckymucks] and mutants.

HOMEWARD, via Laramie.

Good luck with that.