Friday, January 29, 2010

Left parietal lobe

Third time's the charm, apparently.

I have a "suspicious mass" in my brain. Suspicious, as in, a 2 centimeter mass that is presumably metastasized breast cancer.

I'm okay, for the moment. Not entirely surprised, but it is going to mean more treatment, probably gamma knife surgery, and another round of chemotherapy. I wonder what the record is?

The good news is (and I know you'll kid me for this) again, we caught it early. I'm learning to really trust my gut instinct that something is not quite right. I've been having more headaches than usual - this is a pretty minor thing, and not usually how a brain tumor would show up. Good thing I noodged my oncologist into the MRI anyway. Hooray for early detection.

As usual, send me goofy snail mail, and send love and support to wertperch. More as soon as I know anything.